Regulating cream for oily, combined skin

Regulating cream for oily, combined skin

Composition and efficacy. Regulating cream for oily, combined skin, ORCHID, contains natural plant extracts and organic vegetable oils. Constituent grape seed oil is the lightest and the most moisturizing vegetable oil, which is rapidly absorbed into the skin, it contains vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids.

Unique in this product is rosemary extract that is a powerful anti oxidant that improves microcirculation and has a deep exposure. Tea tree oil has antiseptic and anti bacterial properties. Has healing and fumigant effects on inflammatory processes and skin rash. Effective function of the papilloma, buds, skin fungus.
Lemon, bergamot essential oils softens, smooths skin, reduces sebaceous gland activity, works effectively on skin problems. Gives fresh, healthy look to skin.

Use. Apply to clean skin in the morning or evening. Also can be used on adolescent skin problems. Antiseptic, antibacterial effect.

Contains no perfumes and parabens.

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