Nourishing ointment with calendula

Nourishing ointment with calendula

Composition and efficacy. Nourishing ointment with calendula, ORCHID, contains natural plant extracts and organic vegetable oils. Ointment composed of sweet almond, avocado oils that contains vitamins and has soothing effect on skin.

Unique in this ointment is calendula extract. Produced 1 kg plant extract of 20 kg calendula flowers. This is very concentrated and rich of vitamins. Calendula extract has anti bacterial and anti inflammatory activity. This will heal damaged, dry skin. Lavender essential oil soothes, heals and destroys microbes.

Use. Ointment is applied on dry skin areas.

Contains no perfumes and parabens.

Code: 1007, volume: 25 ml, cena: 9,76 €