Black Caraway Seed Oil

Black Caraway Seed Oil

Black Caraway seed is a really admirable plant. For many centuries millions of people have been making use of black caraway seed oil.

Black caraway seed oil contains unique combination of biologically active substances: nigellons, minerals, sulphur, phosphorus, iron, calcium, active enzymes, carbohydrates, protein, vitamins A and E. Linoleum acid – 55-65%, oleic acid – 15-18%, palmitic acid – 10-12%, eicosanic acid – 4-5%, sterinic acid – 1-3%, alpha-linolenic acid – up to 1%.

The characteristic aroma of the oil is defined by the presence of an odorous substance – carvone.
Black caraway seed oil is used as a highly effective cure for the urinary system (diuretic), cholagogue, as a light laxative, and a stimulant for immune system (beneficial for thymus, stimulating its functions). As a rule, the thymus functions as a defensive mechanism for the whole body immunity system and increases resistance to diseases. Besides, the oil is widely used to cure different dermatological diseases related to disorders in neurohumoral mechanisms of control and histamine. Due to the presence of black cumin, the oil contributes to lowering the level of glucose in blood. Moreover, essential oils the oil contains, are well know for their bactericidal and antiseptic effect. «Consumption of black caraway seed oil facilitates formation of bone-marrow and immunocytes, which make a part of life-support system.» The above mentioned fact is officially approved by scientific researchers of Cancer and Immune Biological Laboratory of Southern California. «Moreover», they added, the registered facts reveal the great potential of black caraway seed oil in curing and prevention of malignant tumours.

  • The oil is like a tonic for our immune system. While consuming the black caraway seed oil, the whole organism is strengthened. The blood tests of people consuming the black caraway seed oil, revealed that the number of life-important T-lymphocytes, T-killers, and other cells responsible for strengthening the defensive mechanisms, were multiplied several times, and accordingly lead the patients to recovery;

  • stones in the kidney and urinary bladder are dissolved

  • is used as a vermicide

  • prevents adiposity, facilitates loss in weight

  • lowers the level of cholesterol in blood

  • favourable for lactation as it facilitates the formation of milk

  • cures cold, cough, dyspnoea, yellow fever, impotence

  • effective in case of bronchitis, asthma

  • favourably affects the functions of intestinal canal, due to elimination of signs disbacteriosis
  • effective fungicide (Candida Albicans), antibacterial therapy, virucide: eliminates irritation, regenerates inflamed parts of skin. In 1992, at the Medical Department of the University of Dahe (Bangladesh), there were studied the antibacterial qualities of the black caraway seed oil, if compared to five strong antibiotics: Ampicillin, Tetracycline, Co-trimoxazol, Gentamicin and Acidum Nalidixicum. The results obtained, without doubt, deserve admiration – the black caraway seed oil proved itself to be more effective in all aspects.

Gastric disorders, flatulent stomach due to insufficient bile excretion, podagra, bilious headache, exhaustion, stimulation of immune system and digestion, anti-fever and diaphoretic effect, diarrhoea, vermicide, antibacterial, fungicide, anti-virus therapy, headache, earache, toothache (gum and tooth inflammation), high arterial tension, nose mucous membrane bleeding, haemophilia, malignant tumours, cestodes ( tapeworms), haemorrhoids, diabetes mellitus, lactal gland over-secretion, normalization of uterus haemorrhage, incontinence of urine, stomach and duodenal ulcer, lowering the level of cholesterol in blood, facilitation of sexual functions, prostatitis, urethritis.
Sinusitis (nasal cavity inflammation), expectoration, hacking cough, bronchial asthma, asthmatic bronchitis, cold, antritis, tonsillitis (inflammation of upper pipes).
Dermatophyte with localized on nails, feet, rheumatism, muscular and skeletal affections, dermatitis, leprosy, honeycomb ringworm, acne, chronic and allergic skin inflammations.

Application: The oil shall be used in the morning and evening 15 minutes before a meal, one teaspoon at a time, wash down with half a glass of water, diluted with one table spoon of honey.

For eternal application: spread the black caraway seed oil over the damaged parts of skin. Smear the nasal cavities from inside.

Universal dosage is adjusted individually:
1 to 3 years old: half of a teaspoon a day.
3 to 6 years old: one teaspoon a day.
6 to 12 years old: 2 teaspoons a day.
12 years and up: 3 teaspoons a day.
If oil is used with honey or other natural juice, the therapeutic qualities of the black caraway seed oil become more explicit.

NOTE!: During pregnancy – not for internal use! May be used only eternally for sore greasing. The oil must not be used by patients with transplanted parts of body (liver, kidney, heart) due to the fact that the immune system is strengthened and rejection of the transplant becomes more possible.

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