Bran with fruit

Bran with fruit

Wheat bran is a valuable nutrient. It is often called "intestinal broom" for its efficacy. Wheat bran is a source of the B vitamins, mineral substances, protein, fats, fiber and other substances. "Herbe" Ltd. offers different kinds of mixtures containing wheat bran and dried products:

Sweet bran cereal: wheat bran, ground quinces, candied beets and carrots, dried ground apples ( peels and seeds), dried ground chokeberries and black currants.

Bran with fruit: wheat bran, dried ground apples and quinces.

To prepare the mixture, let it swell in a yogurt, kefir, curds, vegetable or fruit juice for about 10 minutes. It can also be added to pancake, muffin, pie batter.

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