Company history

The company "Oceola" was established in March 2000 by Aigars Ercmanis. It was established with the aim to trade Latvian products. "Oceola" Ltd. is a direct selling company (Multi-level-marketing). Initially the office was located on Bauskas street, with a store selling products by JSC "Dzintars", a company well known in Latvia and abroad.

In April 2001 the company entered into an agreement with Baldone Health Fund on the product distribution. Thereby we started distributing mud cosmetics which was little-known in Latvia at that time. The mud used in cosmetics is derived from Pleda marsh. The mud of this marsh was also used in therapeutic treatment at the Baldone sanatorium.

In December 2001 the company suspended its collaboration with JSC "Dzintars". Baldone healing mud cosmetics, which has already gained popularity, became the basic production at that time.

In order to improve its product range, in 2002 the company entered into a contract with JSC "Biolat". It is a company producing supplements of fir needles and pine-needles. Prof. Maris Daugavietis is the person in charge of this production.

To expand its collaboration, considering that this trading method is highly appreciated by customers, in March 2002 "Oceola" Ltd. concluded the cooperation agreement with the company "ŠAAR", which manufactures nutritional supplements made from the sea- buckthorn berries, sprouts and other medicative herbs grown in Latvia.

One month later, in April 2002 a contract was concluded with the research-and-production company "Medicamina", which manufactures  cosmetics from natural raw products, mostly honey, propolis and various vegetable oils.

In November 2002 the cooperation with "Lori" Ltd. was initiated. According to "Oceola" Ltd. requirements,  "Lori" Ltd. began to develop new products – shower gel, shampoos, hair balms with "Green Oil". All of these products contain "Green Oil" produced by "ŠAAR" Ltd. "Green Oil" has been around for several years. Appreciated for its high quality, this product helps heal the scalp, prevents dandruff, various skin inflammations, strengthens hair roots and prevents hair loss. Considering the good qualities of "Green Oil", it was incorporated into the new product composition thus providing a more conventient and easy way to obtain effect from "Green Oil".

To expand its activities, the company "Oceola" has established "Oceola Est", the representative office in Estonia. The company "Oceola Est" operates since May 8, 2003, at the following address: Tallin, Narva mint 11D, room 310, Tel: +372 6116135. "Oceola Est" offers the same product range as the company in Latvia. The products can be obtained from consultants. The product distribution system (Multi-level-marketing) is the same in both countries.

In 2004 the company changed its name from "Oceola" to "Es Saule".

In 2007 "Herbe" Ltd. became the basic production enterprise of "Es Saule". Production expanded rapidly, thus widening the range of goods. Products currently offered to our customers:

  • Dried candied peels
  • Various syrups
  • New salt and seasoning mixes
  • Two kinds of bran cereal
  • Pumpkin flour and Jerusalem artichoke flour

In 2010 the company "Es Saule" began its cooperation with the new cosmetics producer, "Sarma SK" Ltd., which offers a facial care product line "Orchid":

  • Creams for different skin types;
  • Face masks;
  • Soothing tonic for all skin types;
  • Gentle cleansing milk for all skin types;
  • Nourishing lip balm;
  • Under eye elixir;
  • Calendula cream for dry skin;
  • Peel for all skin types.