Earnings opportunity

"Es Saule" is a company which follows the business model of multi-level-marketing. The worldwide development of the MLM system started in 1965 and it rapidly evolved around 1975. In Latvia this marketing strategy started expanding after gaining independence.
Foreign experts forecast that MLM will become one of the popular product selling strategies.

If you want to earn money, the below mentioned may be of interest to you!

Would you like to join the company "Es Saule"? This can be done in two ways:

  • Sign up with a consultant that is already established.  
  • Enter into a contract with the company and build your own network.

The consultant is not obliged to build a network, if he/she is not willing to. By entering into a contract, the consultant gets a 23-30% discount on all products.

Please note! The people involved would never be your competitors. On the contrary, they wil help you gain more bonus credits, since the sum total of the products purchased by your group members will add to your purchase. Each product available at "Es Saule" stands for a certain number of points, which accumulate during the month. Thus you get the total monthly number of points which ensures you the bonus discount: in the amount of 3%, 6%, 9%, 12%... It is evident that gaining your personal points and the points of your group helps you receive a bonus discount. As soon as you gain your first interest, the company pays you the bonus discount according to the number of points.
You need to learn how to sell products and serve your clients so that your personal experience helps you teach the new consultants.
The central idea is that every consultant has been given an opportunity to earn extra money and use high-quality Latvian products.

For the new consultant  to gain experience and  attract new consultants, the company provides its assistance  by organizing free seminars during which the manufacturers present the new products and respond to the questions.