Product catalogue

Hair Care

Propolis balsam for scalp and hair
Shampoo-balsam with placenta
Hemmos shampoo for hair structure recovering
Fito balsam for hair
Fito oil for hair
Fito cream-mask for hair
Shampoo-balsam Fito
Balm-conditioner «FITO»

Face Care

Propolis balsam after shave
Propolis face balsam
Propolis balsam after shave with cananga oil
Day cream with placenta
Night cream with placenta
Cream mask with placenta
Eye cream with placenta
Peeling face cream
Cream for normal skin
Cream for oily skin
Eye cream
Nourishing cream for sensitive skin
Cream for dry skin
Cream with antioxidants
Cream-mask for normal and oily skin
Cream-mask for dry and normal skin
Cleansing milk with natural plant extracts
Aftershave cleansing cream-balsam
Moisturizing and nourishing cream with Aloe Vera for dry and coarse skin
Moisturizing and nourishing cream Hemmos with Aloe Vera for normal and combined skin
Moisturizing, oil deprived cream with Aloe Vera for oily and problematic skin
Moisturizing, regenerating day cream with spawn extract for all skin types
Moisturizing and nourishing night cream with spawn extract for all skin types
Eye cream with spawn extract for all skin types
Antioxidant cream for men
Floral butter for face
Renewing cream with sea buckthorn for dry skin
Nourishing cream with avocado for dry skin
Moisturizing cream with carotene for all skin types
Regulating cream for oily, combined skin
Moisturizing cream with lavender for dry, sensitive skin
Nourishing ointment with calendula
Nourishing lip balm
Soothing tonic for all skin types
Elixir of youth with cranberry extract for eye area
Renewing cream with cranberry extract
Moisturizing cream with horsetail and sage for normal skin
Gentle cleansing milk for all skin types
Deep cleansing mask for all skin types
Refreshing mask for all skin types
Cleansing peeling for all skin types
Lip balm with peppermint
Particularly moisturizing cream for normal, dry skin
Renewing serum for dry skin
Renewing eye serum with sea buckthorn
Lip balm with sea buckthorn
Renewing eye cream with cranberry extract
Lifting cream with ginseng for all skin types

Body Care

Hygiene product for shower and baths
Propolis foot balsam
Propolis balsam for intimate hygiene
Breast care cream with placenta
Anti-cellulite massage cream Hemmos
Anti-cellulite massage cream with a complex Slimming Factor Karkade
Nourishing foot cream
Hemmos body cream
Natural olive soap with lime-blossoms
Natural olive oil soap with goat's milk and calendula blossoms
Olive oil soap with goat's milk and briar-rose
Natural olive soup with sea salt
Coniferous soap with white clay
Sea-buckthorn zephyr for shower
Natural olive cream-soup with goat's milk and extract of calendula
Spruce Peppermint Soap
Honeycomb Soap
Goat's milk soap with camomile
Eucalyptus Soap
Pro-vitamin massage butter
Honey and eucalypt bath salt
Orange-cinnamon soap
Briar-rose soap with silbiol
Briar-rose salt
Calendula body scrub
Lemongrass peeling soap
Bath milk
Berry soap
Berry scrub
TrejdeviƆi Herbal Butter
Oil mixture "Erotic"


Amor – a mixture of essential oils
Lemongrass Cinnamon Air Freshener
Rose-Sandalwood aroma bar
Tangerine-mint aroma bar


Toothpaste «Propolis Balsam» with sea salt



Hand Care

Propolis balsam for hands
Nourishing hand cream


Candied fruit

Candied cranberries
Candied quince
Candied carrots
Candied beets
Candied pumpkin
Candied red quince
Candied fruit mix


Quince-beet syrup
Cranberry syrup
Quince syrup
Quince-carrot syrup
Quince-pumpkin syrup
Mixed berry syrup
Red beet syrup
Carrot syrup
Pumpkin syrup
Quince-beet syrup


Salt for good taste
Salt for gourmands
Red salt
Six flavor salt
Oyster mushroom salt
Sea salt with rosemary
Spicy salt
Meat marinade seasoning mix
Meat marinade seasoning mix
Vegetable spice
Green spice
«Salt for friends»


Sun tea
Celia tea
Cranberry tea
Ruta's tea
Moon tea
Lady's tea
Evening tea
Sauna tea
Daily tea Delicious Tone
Daily tea Long Life
Daily tea Slim Comfort
Daily tea Gentlemen Drink
Whitethorn power
Mara's garden
Mummy's tea


Health drink HO-FI
Caramel Silvasept
Green oil +
Sea buckthorn extract
Milk thistle oil
Amaranth oil
Cedar Oil
Walnut oil
Briar Rose Oil
Pumpkin Oil
Kunjut oil
Black Caraway Seed Oil
Supplement – Ho-Do
Unox – antioxidant
Gulex – for peace and comfort
Preso – antioxidant
Pico – for briskness
Donna – for general tone
Undine – for fitness of intellect
Madrex – for vim and vigor
Sonna – for digestion
Diamel – stability of glucose level
Inguru – for heart strength
Rudex – for healthy stomach and gut
Capsico – to strengthen protective ability
Slenderness – antioxidants
Slenderness 2 – antioxidants
Cold soup concentrate
Pumpkin flour
Little heart
Jerusalem artichoke flour
Apian bread
Food supplement Mona
Food supplement Bella
Sweet bran cereal
Bran with fruit