Toothpaste «Propolis Balsam» with sea salt

Toothpaste «Propolis Balsam» with sea salt

Demineralizating and refreshing, non frothy toothpaste for adults. Contains only natural substances, kaolin (white clay), betaine, propolis, sea salt and baking soda. Safely protects against dental caries by neutralizing the acidic pH level of the oral cavity, carefully cleaning the plaque and absorbing pathogenic bacteria. Does not contain fluoride, a chemical foaming surfactants, synthetic fragrances, dyes and preservatives, preventing any danger that might be caused by accidental swallow of oothpaste.

This toothpaste will slightly whiten your teeth in a natural way, but the sea salt and white clay will compensate loss of minerals, that are necessary for your teeth. Sea salt crystals help to induce saliva, contributing to self-cleaning mechanism of mouth. After the use of toothpaste, saliva is able to neutralize the acid, this way preventing the formation of tartar. With Propolis and Calendula tincture protecting from inflammation in the mouth, natural ethereal oils and sea salt will help to remain lasting freshness in mouth.

This slightly salty toothpaste has a peppermint scent and taste of spearmint, fennel and eucalyptus.

Use: Squeeze about 1cm of tootpaste onto your tooth brush. Then clean your teeth and gently massage your gums by small circular movements.

Code: 364, volume: 40 ml, cena: 3,49 €